Boomerang-shaped UFO over Missouri caught on photograph in 2007

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown boomerang-shaped object was photographed over Sullivan, Missouri on 2nd April 2007.
Witness report: My grandson took a picture of this object just an hour ago. He went outside with our digital camera to take a picture of the full moon, just about 5 degrees above the horizon, sitting on the tailgate of my pickup.

He looked over toward the house, about 20 feet away, and saw these lights just sitting there. He says the object/light was not moving.

Thinking it looked kind of neat, he took a picture, the flash went off, and the object disappeared. He says he didn’t even see it move.

I wish he would have called me out of the house when he saw this, I would have tried to get a better picture. So I did not see this myself, just the picture on the camera.

It appears to be a boomerang shape. In the photo you can see the peak of the garage roof. I don’t have a clue what this is. It seems like I have seen similar photos on some of the UFO programs that I have watched on TV.

As I said, I did not get to see this myself, my grandson is the one who saw it and took the picture.
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  1. I seen one similar just a week ago here in Gainesville Mo. I was out with my cat. I had my cam with me. And for the life of me I wish I took a pic. It was huge. With 3 large white lights on it. They wasn’t flashing. And was silent. And it was above tree level.
    9-16-2015 was when I seen it around 8:30 to 9 pm.


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