Bright disc-shaped object filmed in Los Angeles, California

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of bright disc-shaped UFO was recorded yesterday – Sunday, 4th July 2010 in the sky over Los Angeles in California at 9:10 pm.

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  1. this is real!! Pretty crazy it was about 15 family member Celebrating 4th July, out side on the front yard of the house. Right around 9:10pm last night when action of the fire works on whole city.<br />We saw a long distance the shape of a UFO slow routating with yellow light the shape was pretty good to see becuase it was flying pretty low around the light of the fire works.

  2. my family and i were up in the mountains near fresno for the fourth of july weekend.At night, we were all outside looking up at the stars when all of a sudden we see these round orbs. they looked like stars but they were moving in different directions. we only saw 2-3 at the same time. We had binoculars so we looked at them close up and we followed there route. They would suddenly stop and go in

  3. I saw a ufo over L.A. during the fourth of July fireworks back in 2010. I think it had little yellow or orange or green lights or something and was rotating in the sky. It was in one spot. It was funny, my brother and I got to a hotel later that night and were talking about it.

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