Chinese airport UFO incident is not an “alien flying saucer” according to combined Beijing Shanghai UFO investigation team

July 24, 2010 – On July 24 Zhou Xiaoqiang release the preliminary conclusions of their enquiries. They have concluded there was no evidence that the incident was caused by an alien UFO or flying saucer. Direct discussions with relevant departments secured only limited information with official departments being found largely circumspect. It was clear from their investigations that the Xiaoshan airport officials were not the direct source of the alleged UFO photographs, videos, news reports and other material. The initial information implied no visual sightings and only instrumented detection. Later reports then implied the exact opposite. The investigation appears to have confirmed there was no confirmation on radar of the UFO reports, that there were “blind spots” in the airport radar observations, and therefore private, military aircraft and other activities could not be ruled out as the source of the events that lead to the airport shutdown. The investigation confirmed that only limited information was available. The joint investigation team concluded that the widely circulated Mr Ma Shi-jun photos were not of a UFO and that they were of an aircraft, and were not related to the events connected with the airport shutdown.
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