Daytime UFO / Orb was recorded over Oregon in United States

Latest UFO sightings – Daytime bright UFO or Orb was recorded over Beaverton, Oregon on Sunday, 11th July 2010.
Witness report: I was on my back porch smoking when I looked up and noticed a ball of light.
I was on my back pourch smoking when I looked up and notice a ball of light. At first I thought it was a satellite, but when the ball got brighter I notice a halo like around the ball. I ran in grabed my camera and started filming.
At first I could not see the ball, then it liked appeared out of nowhere.I only got about 20 SECS. of the ball on video before it disappeared on me. after I stopped my camera,the ball reappeared over my apartment. I tried to film again,but the sun was kinda in the way.
The ball at first did not move, it just hovered in one spot,but the halo around the ball looked like fan blades I could see it change from a light gray to kinda black. I could hear no sound. the ball was moving south east, more to the east.
I could feel a tingle like sensation going through my body at the time i was filming. The sensation lasted till I walked back indoors, then it was more of a excited feeling that came over me

Second sighting
07/17/2010 @ Approximate 2:30 pm
I was at the park with my son (the park is located in Beaverton Oregon next to Southridge High School.) when I caught this bright ball out of the corrner of my eye. when I looked up, it looked like the same ball of light I had seen the other day.
What makes this one diffrent was I notice three jet planes flying around this ball. the planes circled around the ball for a few minutes then they took off. the ball was moving real slow towards the south east, moving more eastward.
The ball continued to move real slow,some trees got in my way of view, so when I moved to get a better look I had lost sight of it.
I did not bring my camera with me. now I wished I did.
With this sighting I felt nothing as to feelings, just a few people walking by asking me what was i looking at, when I told them they just laughed and walked on.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. i love taking pic of clouds and seeing all my imagined images in them but dam, how exciting to capture a ufo !!! keep on watching them clouds and skies. thanks for the upload too :)<br />i have a few photos of weirdness but i don&#39;t know how to make slideshow vids and my camera vid taker hasn&#39;t come up with anything noteworthy yet.<br />have a great day

  2. I saw something like this Saturday July 17 at approx 6:30 pm central time. Outside of Green Bay Wisconsin. I saw something like this again a year ago, that one hung in the sky for 45mins. <br />I have no pictures, it was gone when I came back after running for the camera. I did however, have binocs, whatever it seemed large, and highly reflective, because it was very bright, was able to see it

  3. I have seen the same things flying around Sunset High School, coming south going north, here between Portland and Beaverton, I have some videos too.

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