Daytime UFO activity over Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK

Latest UFO sightings – Daytime UFO activity over Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK recorded on Tuesday, 6th July 2010 at around 7.00 pm

Real UFOs on net from EU Europe, United Kingdom – UK

Witness report: I just keep thinking that there must be something wrong with my lens and me and prob best not to go out to far .. ( need to work and all that ….)
Its frustrating because people are not even bothering to look and wont believe it until they see and experience something for themselves. I wanted to share to awaken people and get some answers to what I am seeing but even I question my shots and video .. all the time…
I hoped that it may make people look for themselves more ? Even though noone is accusing me of faking my videos ( thank goodness ) I think the worse of it is that after 1500 views not one comment ? ?
I am trying to get on and do other things unitl I know what I am supposed to do next as this is a very addictive subject. I am a logical thinker.
If I have further experiences I want to be able to experience it and not be worried about taking the shot to prove something to someone else who will not believe it ? Hope that makes sense.?
Also Look at the connection between the UFO in reading and UFO in china . Day time shot and night time of same craft?
Welcome you views on this… will send you orginal footage . I was attracted by the rocket thing that flared up in the sky ?
Author: Karen M.
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