Security camera capture footage of an alien abduction

The alien abduction is one of those things that is just too far out there for many to believe even more so then the idea of UFOs. I found an alien abductions report video from the Zone reality TV station that takes a look at a security camera video of a possible alien abduction. The story started after an anonymous letter in the mail was sent to the show reporting on the alien abduction claim. The letter detailed a story about a worker showed in the security footage that disappears in a flash of light to reappear again on the ground in front of the camera two hours later. The man throws up and then staggers out of the frame. The victim after the alien abduction was said in the letter to have quit and move away right after. His whereabouts are unknown. The people reporting on this video found that the security camera footage looks authentic but could still be fake.
This video must be at least 3 years old, I don’t know exact date but it’s worth watching it. If anyone knows more about this case, please leave a comment!

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