Triangle-shaped UFO filmed over Pine Bush, New York

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown triangle-shaped craft was recorded in the sky over Pine Bush in New York on Wednesday, 28th July 2010
Witness report: All new sighting of an Oxicarian ship, Oxicarian is the name of the Orion race who owns this craft. my contact earlier told me in the day that that night she would command her associate pilots to let down their cloaking shields so more of their ships could be seen. and true to her promise the ships revealed more that night. this video is proof of her fulfilled promise.
Author (orionifo @ youtube)
NY USA new ovni footage. LUS 2010, most recent UFO reports, evidences, proofs. Real UFos on net from north America.

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  1. Ummm… It&#39;s a plane? Its got that flashing white light on the wing that EVERY aircraft in the world has flashing every few seconds. <br /><br />Get a life?

  2. I posted just as much on his youtube channel. I have been subsequently blocked by him and my additional responses deleted. This guy is a self proclaimed &#39;contactee&#39; who appears to be attempting to gather a following through his videos of normal aircraft. I&#39;m concerned that he may end up trying to take his followers on a galactic journey like the hale-bop crew or Jim Jones.

  3. i got news for you. this is a real ufo! wanna know how i know? im seeing these things in my city too!! 4 times! it wants u to think its a plane, and sorta mimics one, but it does stuff that no plane does!<br />hovers completely silent, then moves fast, the strobes are different than airplanes. i lived next to an airport for 15 years, and know what planes look/fly like. besides, i saw one outlined

  4. Looks like a plane , moves exactly like a plane , and the guy with the camera can&#39;t even find a tripod to steady his camera , after the space brothers gave him a heads up that they would be dropping their cloaking devices ? No, I&#39;m not feeling the love.

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