UFO activity photographed and submitted to us from Australia and Latvia

Nītaure, Latvia – around 5th July 2010

The time pics was taken i dont remember but about 22:00-01:00
but the moon pics was probably later than that, pics was taken in diffrerent days. Maybe could anyone tell me what that was or maybe crossed paths with it?

Author: Juris J.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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Winmalee, Australia

Place of sighting: Winmalee, nsw, Australia
Date of sighting: 17/ 7/2010

Description: I think i just witnessed a ufo behind a plane, for real. I seen something, i dont know what, it was a plane but something was behind it. i think maybe space craft, it was like a ball of light, something shiny. i seen it.
i got it too because i carry my camera because i wanted to catch those who are responsible for dumping the chemicals in the air. it was following this grey looking plane but then i think it knew i was watching so it took off it went north.
this was around 4pm or around 55 minutes before 5:17pm. it was either a ufo or a jet fighter being refuelled, it followed it, then was in mid air….i dont know if it was going north to make it look like it was sitting still or what…..but i seen it. i was shocked i was seeing it, i couldn’t get a clear shot, it was something shiny in the air, reflecting the light from the sun. they were following the plane
but then i think they knew i was watching and i didn’t know what to do either get the binoculars out or the camera, i had both with me.
there is a dot on the left of the tv thing….i just couldnt think right at the time….i didnt know what to do and i just froze…if you get the picture, then zoom, maybe you can see it better…it was something real….it was either a government thing because it was coming out of a plane as it followed it….or there really are space people
i feel blessed to know there maybe be something up there
i always think there is
Author: Bradley C.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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