Unknown object photographed over California

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown daytime object was photographed in the daytime sky over California, USA on Sunday, 11th July 2010 around 7:05 am.

Witness report: On the evening of Sunday, July 11, at approximately 19:05 hours I was in my backyard enjoying the nice evening with my wife and young daughter.
My 20-month-old loves planes, and was ogling a jet flying over head.
I joined her in her ogling when I noticed this bright star in the early evening sky.
This time of night was too early for a star/planet to appear, so I began to observe it for further tendencies. The object was high in the sky, so no great details are visible.
I did point it out to my wife for concurrence.
Not knowing what the object was peaked my curiosity, and as I watched it I noticed it was slowly floating from the North to the South.
The intensity of the white light being given off by the object ebbed and increased, and occasionally shown a bright orange, similar to flame. However no smoke was present.
Upon seeing the orange, flame-like color, my curiosity really peaked and I wished I had owned binoculars.
I then thought of my camera and took two fairly poor quality photos (see attached) hoping through the zoom I might gain some details.
As you see in the photos not much is determinable.
Eventually, the object reached a point with which it had drifted beyond my vision. I suspect it was a balloon, but it seemed too large to be a general group of balloons, and too small to be a high altitude balloon.
I don’t know who to contact to find out what, if anything, was in the area at this time and day.
Author (source: mufon)

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