Donut-shaped UFO hovering in the daytime sky over Glasgow, UK 31-Aug-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting daytime footage of donut-shaped UFO was recorded today – Tuesday, 31st August 2010 in Glasgow, UK.
Witness report: I was just getting ready to film some heavy chemtrail activity when something caught my eye.

At first i thought ” it will be a plane, or something” but as i zoomed in on the object it certainly didnt appear to be a plane.

Now ppl will say its a balloon, or something, but not a ufo. But if thats the case, then why when i ran to the front of the house had the object disappeared? For 10 minutes i scanned the sky but that thing was gone, and aside from the chemtrails its an otherwise blue sky.

Defo unidentified – but thats not to say its alien.
Author (MrGlasgowtruther @ youtube)

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  1. First time Ive seen anyone capture theses – there are cave drawings , and records by the hope Indians , depicting these craft , they also wore jewelry similar to these objects – very nice catch

  2. Two evenings ago I saw two identical donut shape crafts .They were identical in color.A shade of pink with reddish outer structure. they appeared and dissappeared in a fraction of seconds.Ive never witnessed anything like this my whole life. A beutiful sight.

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