Huge bright light hovering over Tucson, Arizona 22-Aug-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Huge bright ligh was recorded hovering in the night sky over Tucson in Arizona. This video was filmed on Sunday, 22nd August 2010.

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  1. The following link is in portuguese:<br />It&#39;s from the &#39;Portuguese UFO Research Association, so basically it is for all your portuguese language readers. <br />In short: Tells about sighting a huge orb over Guincho beach (38º 43’43 53” N 9º 36’11 85” W) about 25 miles west from Lisbon on June 18th, 11pm. It was emitting a bright orange/yellow cone of light

  2. Sunday morning around 4 am my friends and I saw a very similar light in the sky above tennessee. We live fairly close to Fort Cambell Army Base. Within seconds of seeing the light we saw a plane flying towards the spot where the light disappeared on the horizon. Almost as if though it was chasing the light or investigating it.

  3. Cool video. It looks like a helicopter, though I am troubled by it landing (or so it seemed) at the end. Did not seem like a logical place to land, but I&#39;m speaking without knowing the area.

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