2 linked UFOs / Orbs recorded flying over Chicago, IL 17-Aug-2010

Latest UFO sighitngs – Two linked UFOs or Orbs were recorded flying over Chicago, IL on Tuesday, 17th August at 8:48 pm.
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  1. My family seen these same Orbs over our house tonight. They were there for over 40 minutes before disappearing. They seemed to pulsate constantly and about every 5 or 6 minutes formed triangles.

  2. My wife and I were looking at the moon tonight when she saw a set of blinking lights that were connected together that flashed in an white sequence then a partial red to white sequence that changed in intensity for the entire time we were looking at it. We are using an Tasco 500mm refactor telescope and picked up the same Orbs and followed them from East to West. We have seen several sightings

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