Unknown object photographed over Stourbridge, UK 17-Aug-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown object (or maybe two) was photographed in the daytime sky over Stourbridge in UK on Tuesday, 17th August 2010.

Witness report: Hi, this picture was taken on 17th August 2010, at 16:33. I’m not saying it’s an ET craft (before anyone starts to get upset), but it was a lovely, clear day with few clouds.

I’m just sharing this with you in the hopes that someone may help me identify it. We were in Wollaston, Stourbridge/England.

There’s not much else to explain here, I am simply curious as to what it may be.
Author: Col F.
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  1. Hi there, I'm from Australia here. I believe I've saw something same as yours in day time, 30 August 2010 at 4.15pm. It was a white round thingie flying across the sky. I was accidentally saw it while I was walking to the management office of my apartment. I'm pretty sure it is NOT a plane. So who knows it was really a UFO? 🙂

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