Mass UFO activity filmed over St. Katharinen in Germany 25-Aug-2010

Latest UFO sightings -Video of mass UFO activity recorded in the night sky over St. Katharinen in Germany on Wednesday, 25th August 2010.
Witness report: This video was filmed 50min ago!St.Katharinen,Germany!
25.08.2010 !This was an epic night,i started to record after i watched 5minutes of this strange acion!
Cant believe it but this was real watch it for yourself!
I took this video in nightcolormode with a panasonic hdcsd66!
I am glad to present you this nice evidence for what i see here near my little village regular!
Author (Reen1411 @ youtube)

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  1. Did anybody considered that the so talked about &quot;Alliens&quot; and the UFO&#39;s could actually be coming from our own Earth and not from any far away Galaxies? How about the USO&#39;s? Couldn&#39;t they be<br />&quot;us&quot; traveling back in time? And therefore, not interfering with our &quot;Destiny because they would destroy themselves? Did anybody tried retrograde and<br />anterograde

  2. Love and not Hate will bring you froward!<br />Think that there must be some good in everybody and threat them as such. You will go forward in your current life &quot;Experience&quot;only if you help not hate!<br />ALL People, as we currently call the beings enriched with the Divine energy traditionally called &quot;Souls&quot; must live thru the &quot;Experiences&quot; they chose. Trying to

  3. That &#39;real&#39; extraterrestrial in the video above scared me at first, but then I realized that I&#39;m more afraid of people and what they would do to me. Think of how badly some people have been treated when they talk about their ET experiences. Lives have been destroyed when people shared experiences. The &#39;human&#39; race is so un-evolved. This website is great. Amazing video&#39;s

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