Morphing UFOs recorded at sunset over Tucson in Arizona

Latest UFO sightings – Morphing UFOs recorded at sunset  over Tucson in Arizona on Sunday, 8th August 2010.
Witness report: Morphing UFO(s) at Sunset? 08-08-2010
Fiery sunset and I can’t tell WTF those orbs/UFOs are doing, not even with my super “duper” HD equipment (i kid, of course) Sorry for the suckbutt image quality but I tried to make do!

I was just casually filming and was caught in rare form without my tripod so my arm was dying, literally from holding my arm up + attempting to be steady and i was on my tip-toes peaking over a ledge about a foot taller than me ! those are my excuses 😀 Just so ya know what was going on….at times I blab too much, dont I? ;P
Author (Sheilaaliens @ youtube)
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