UFO activity filmed over Joshua Tree in California 13-Aug-2010

Latest UFO sightings – UFO activty was recorded over Joshua Tree in California on Friday, 13th August 2010 at 10:30 pm.

Witness report: I’m a skeptic about aliens, but this was rather strange. I was at the entrance of Joshua Tree’s national park with my brother and he spotted three lights in a diagonal line over the town. These lights where much bigger and brighter than the town’s lights. The three lights would change..one going off, one turning back on, or two disappearing. I did see one of those lights in the sky about 2 hours prier to this video, but it was closer to us and I didn’t think much of it. Near the end of this video the middle light fades out and the lights never come back on. We stayed at the park entrance for about an hour and a half and they never turned back on. I used a flip video camera so it couldn’t zoom in very well and it’s pretty blurred sorry. I just thought this would be interesting to post. Maybe someone who lives there can tell me what I saw..a UFO…or just some lights.
Author (fotc09 @ youtube)

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  1. Just came back from the park… we stopped just pass Jumbo Rocks camping ground to look at the night sky, and all of a sudden to the left (north) of us, above the ridge line we first saw two, then another came on, bright yellowish/orange lights. They were, what seemed like, way above the mountain line, but bright and flickering almost like the fire. They were high enough so for sure they were not

  2. The world&#39;s largest Marine Corps base is right next door… just saying.<br /><br />I lived in JT for years and would attribute most &quot;sightings&quot; to that.

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