UFO fleet recorded over Poland 26-Jun-2010

Latest UFO sightings – UFO fleet recorded over Poland on 26th June 2010. Could they be just a chinese lanterns?

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  1. Chinese lanterns can go up to 300 meters (1000 feet), the lights captured on video seems to be at a superior distance, so, most probably, they're not chinese lanterns but something else.

  2. could be chinese lanterns. the two occasions where orbs de-illuminate they descend towards the earth which seems indicative of a lantern losing its fire, under currently accepted laws of physics and gravity.<br /><br />the rapid lateral movement of some orbs (but not all) is what caught my eye.<br /><br />crazy shit. wish i could see one instance of this in person.

  3. last time i checked chinese lanterns did no come together and make perfect triangle in unison, these seemed to make intelligent patterns

  4. CHINESE LANTERN 100%<br /><br />At the begenning and the end of the film,you can see the lanterns turn black.they become black beacause they burn,you can see them fall from the sky…100% not UFO.Sorry.

  5. Seeen over Krakow 2nd May 2011. About 9.15 pm.<br />four bright orbs came over the horizon.Two went into the clouds. One broke off to my right at high speed, the last one flew over my head head.<br />About the size of a quarter of the moon. It seemed to be at about 3000ft.Completely silent.I have a keen interest and good knowledge about aviation. Quite disturbing really.Similar sighting and

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