Unknown daytime object filmed hovering over Edson in Alberta, Canada

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown daytime object was recorded hovering in the sky over Edson in Alberta, Canada on Sunday, 8th August 2010 at 9:15 pm.
Witness report: Daytime UFO hovering over Edson Alberta 9:15pm Aug 8th 2010
Not sure what it is, I thought it might be Venus but checked a website, and it shouldnt be visible in that area yet. Im not sure what it is, but its strange.
Author (myalisa78 @ youtube)
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  1. i seen this exact same thing in Toronto less than an hour ago(930pm), it looked like a flickering light that would go in and out like a candle, and in no specific pattern. i watched it for at least ten minutes, it was some wierd shit, def couldnt be a plane because i saw numerous planes fly by it

  2. I talked with her already. Venus, Saturn and Mars were all visible before sunset that evening, in exactly that location. No mystery.

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