OpenMindsRadio: Abduction Evidence – Stan Romanek 17-Sep-2010

Stan Romanek

Stan Romanek is a Colorado man believed to have had one of the most the most scientifically documented human/extraterrestrial encounters cases in the world. He claims to have videos, numerous photographs and physical evidence to back up his claims of multiple UFO encounters: link.

Romanek‘s encounters date back to December 27, 2000. He claims he has had over 100 individual experiences. Video taken by Romanek in 2003 purportedly shows an extraterrestrial looking into the window of his house [video below!]

Romanek’s Evidence

Stan Romanek has, in the past, produced photographs of marks on his body, purportedly inflicted by aliens during abduction. He has also released photographs of burn marks in his yard and of a UFO leaving Earth.

He has also produced strange equations and predictions, the authenticity of which have caused considerable controversy.
In 2003, while living in Nebraska, Romanek set up a video camera to catch, what he suspected, was a peeping tom. The resulting video allegedly shows the head of an extraterrestrial looking through the house window.
There have been well over 100 individually unique experiences that Stan has encountered since December of 2000 some of which remain unexplainable. Being abducted is only one of many experiences. There have been hundreds of witnesses for dozens of events that defy our current understanding of reality. Witnesses, photographs, videotapes, physical evidence, police reports and scientific analysis have confirmed the validity of these experiences beyond reasonable doubt. Scientists from top universities have been analyzing various aspects of this case for several years with amazing results.
The sheer volume of bizarre information, including highly sophisticated scientific equations pertaining to space travel and more, is creating quite a stir in the scientific community. Unraveling what is likely the world’s biggest unfolding mystery in the history of man is certain to revise our understanding of mankind and the complex universe we live in. This website is dedicated to keeping the public informed, so everyone may benefit from this amazing story!

Note: All 3 parts of the radio show are avaliable in the player below!

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Stan Romanek Fox News – Aliens Are Here!

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