UFO video of triangle-shaped object hovering over Singapore 21-Sep-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO video of unknown triangle-shaped object was filmed over Singapore on Tuesday, 21st September 2010.
Witness report: [1st video] this video was taken at around 10:20pm. excuse the video quality since this was taken on my mobile phone. the thing that struck me about this is that the three orange/red lights was initially in a perfect triangle, then it started to change shape.
I highly doubt that these were commercial/millitary aircrafts since I’ve seen lots of them fly by before and they’re usually easily recognised as low-flying, fast moving, and you can see white lights at the bottom of the aircrafts accompanied by blinking red lights. But in this case, the lights were PURE ORANGE/RED solid lights.

[2nd video] okay, after I’ve crossed the road I saw that the other two lights seems to have vanished (maybe went to higher altitude?) and only one remained. then I saw another one approaching the original light from my left.

[3rd video] this was blocked a bit by the tree as you can see from the moon. and it’s not a star, judging by the fact that it was bigger than the stars I can see, yet at a higher altitude compared to commercial/millitary aircrafts I always see flying by.

[4th video] as I zoomed in you can clearly see the orange/red light it’s giving off. and I also noticed the glare/reflection on the left which seems similar, thus I moved my phone around to show that the ufo does not move compared to the glare/reflection.
Author (ahmadfadilz @ youtube)
Note: There are 4 clips of this footage, all avaliable in this player below!

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