Daytime UFO video: “Stealth” flying saucer over Japan Sep-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting daytime UFO video was submitted to me today; some kind of stealth flying saucer hovering in the sky near Mt. Fuji in Japan. This footage was recorded in September 2010.

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  1. will you please give the name of the original uploader in your posts? This seem pretty important to testing a video's voracity.

  2. i&#39;ll send an email to a submitter, to show himself here and leave a comment, becouse i don&#39;t publish names if they don&#39;t want to.<br /><br />thanks for comment though

  3. I have to question this one. Something seemed off in this video, till I realized that outside of the camera itself, nothing in the video was moving. Not even the other bystander supposedly filming this UFO. It looks like someone recording video of a photograph. I&#39;m leaning towards hoax on this one.

  4. Why is it that if a picture of a plane was taken it would be more visible and way less grainy, but it&#39;s not always the case with a UFO?

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