Most remarkable UFO sightings in October 2010

Most remarkable UFO sightings in October 2010 by

early October 2010; black ring – Kosovo

2nd October 2010; daytime V-shaped craft – North Hollywood, California, USA

7th October 2010; UFO – Rockingham in Western Australia

11th October 2010; daytime flying saucer – Alvarado in Argentina

13th October 2010; fast daytime UFO – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

13th October 2010; daytime UFOs – Manhattan, New York

13th October 2010; UFOs – Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

17th October 2010; triangle formation – north London, UK

18th October 2010; strange object – New York City

19th October 2010; UFO activity – Moscow, Russia

22nd October 2010; UFO activity – Ohio, USA

22nd October 2010; triangle formation – Cincinnati in Ohio

23rd October 2010; daytime UFO – Victoriaville in QC, Canada

23rd October 2010; UFO – Austell, Georgia

23rd October 2010; UFO – Delaware, Pennsylvania

24th October 2010; daytime UFO – Ohio

25th October 2010; daytime triangle craft – Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

25th October 2010; triangle craft – Riverbank in California

28th October 2010; triangle craft – Melbourne, Australia

28th October 2010; UFO activity – Black Sea in South Ukraine.

30th October 2010; UFO activity – western Singapore

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  1. They are all just nighttime skydivers with flares on them releasing balloons attached to chinese lanterns while RC planes and helicopters covered in LED lights fly circles around kites covered in LED lights as well. Yeah. Swamp gas and Venus, man.

  2. You all know the time is coming and soon we will all find out who we really are and how we where all created. The Vatican little secret is crumbling so will all Religions soon perish! We are divine beings and only the few know how powerful we all are. The UFOs are here to help us in this transsion in evolution. So don't be afraid, jsut beleive what your heart tells you to do. We will all

  3. Its up to the people to save the planet, when its in great danger. Our time is coming to an end, if we don't figure out a way to help recover this great planet, our Mother Earth might just be the only great planet left. So in order to save it is to understand why we all can't work together and keep it clean and keep it safe… we're being watched by outer space…if nothing is being

  4. Planet earth is NOT in danger. Mankind is. One day when we are all killed off the earth will still be here. <br />Oh yes, climate change is NATURAL. The earth heats up and cools down every 100,000 years. <br />That film 2012… its not real.

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