UFO or Orb flying near plane, filmed by Fox News 29-Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This video of unknown bright UFO or Orb was shown on Fox News on Friday, 29th October 2010 and it was probably recorded at airport in Chicago.
Author’s report: So, I’m sitting at home today watching the coverage of the cargo plane bomb plot and I noticed this interesting light following a plane durring its landing. This was on Fox News at approx 1:04pm eastern time. The video was recorded using my Blackberry Tour video camera and played back on a Mediacom DVR. You tell me what you think it is.
Author (y2mags @ youtube)

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  1. seriously?<br />the plane just flew for hours in high speed and this just fall away now, while landing??<br /><br />and you can clearly see this was flying above plain in the beginning!

  2. I know Ufo can be visible and invisible as it shows in the video,I clearly understood that !<br />Yet they want to be seeing but not close communication as they have the inter Universalism on their Map!<br />UFOs are 1000 Years ahead of Us!!<br /><br /><br />Vanda M rodriguez: From lONDON

  3. Watching the slow motion shot(1:53) on full screen you can see the object appear on the right wing close to the plane&#39;s body before traveling around the rear of the plane and making the desent downward. The lights flashing around the airport are distracting but there is one burst that appears to be from the object itself as it passses behind the left wing, this shot also allows you to see

  4. you can watch all day long in slow motion upside down back to front and guess what is going on but the original film needs to be tested and viewed, watching a picture from your tv that is second hand is not so scientific. However it is very interesting and well spotted

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