New UFO video of strange activity over Tokyo, Japan late Aug-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New UFO video of unknown lights flying at low altitude in the sky over Tokyo in Japan. This footage was taken in late August 2010.

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  1. This just looks like planes on route to a landing runways. they look like that in Vegas all the time, you can see the blinking lights behind them.

  2. Massive UFO sightings also from September 28, 2010 up to October 4, 2010 in Rizal Region of our Country Philippines. Nope those things are not planes because we saw it upclose during the night sky. They have no lights, but they hover slowly then swiftly in our dark skies. We saw a LARGE TUBULAR/CYLINDRICAL shape object perceived to be PARKED literally above the skies. No lights no sound no

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