New video of mass UFO sighting in Delaware, Pennsylvania 23-Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of mass UFO sighting recorded in Delaware, Pennsylvania on Saturday, 23rd October 2010 at 7 pm.
What is your opinion on this video? Could those objects be just a chinese lanterns? Leave your comments below!
Witness report: UFO sightings Rt.7 & Rt. 41, near the Pennsylvania/Delaware line at 7:00pm EST. These “things” had no sound as they slowly flew above our heads. Quite a few cars pulled over and took pictures.
Author (RetiredMxMan @ youtube)

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  1. i am no skeptic,by any means,but to me these totally look like Chinese can see the flickering going on in all of them.

  2. I have set off a bunch of those extra large lanters in the past and they actually look just like that. Im betting that is what they are. If you will notice, they all seem to wink out, one by one, until there are only a few left, as opposed to the beginning of the video when there were a bunch more. The life of these lanters is only about 10 minutes, give or take a few, depending on the wind.

  3. My husband and I saw the lights last night while driving from Avondale, Pa to Delaware.<br />They looked about the size of street lights<br />and floated across the sky from south to north.<br />There were about 100 of them.<br />Have been looking for an explanation all day.

  4. Poor guy filming. His wife sounds like a total nightmare. <br /><br />&quot;Don&#39;t go out in your boots, Ted.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Don&#39;t tell me my business, devil woman!&quot;

  5. I have seeing a few similar sightings and I am pretty sure that they are not Chinese Lanterns.<br />I believe that what most people see are not alien aircraft or military test flights ,but are really Gods recording angels for jugdement day!

  6. If these were Chinese lanterns then several of them managed to drift over 30 miles and pass over the Halloween parade in Boyertwon, PA. Moving way to slow to be airplanes, plus no nav lights and no sound. Hmmmm… makes you wonder.

  7. I was one of the cars that pulled over that night due to these strange lights in the sky and I&#39;ve never seen anything like it. I stood there for at least 10 minutes mesmerized by these lights. there were hundreds of them… I just don&#39;t think they were Chinese Lanterns.

  8. Im tellin you all this is ufos from outer space the government knows it they been keeping a secret way to long , I say, they disclose this right away! No more coverups!The time is coming soon! And believe me they are not chinese lanterns. There is way too much proof that aliens from outerspace exist. not everything is a hoax, for you non believers who think so! Anyone have any comments or wants

  9. They are not lanterns people. Watch the video in full screen between 2:20 and 2:45 and you will clearly see one of them pulsating it light slowly on and off while moving towards the bottom of the screen. I&#39;ve seen one those for the first time Jan.1 2009 right before dawn and 2 others since then but the last 2 i seen lights didn&#39;t do that they was solid redish looking lights

  10. obviously its ufos, jesus, some people sound like the government themselves. is it really that hard to believe that there is other living species in the universe, what has this world come to? ufo&#39;s come here everyday. and its gunna keep happening more and more. its not even that big of a deal. in the last 10 years ufos have been spotted everyday single day, but people say &quot;oh its just

  11. and now the video is gone. How interesting! Was the videographer ashamed of his mistaking these objects for ufos, when they were lanterns indeed, or was it really ufos and the government payed the man a handsome price to take it off the net? i guess we&#39;ll never know!

  12. Our Brother&#39;s &amp; Sister&#39;s from the Star Nation&#39;s finally Deciding to become Visible on the Earth Plane !!!! A New Better World Forming !!!! (-:<br /> Blessing&#39;s from Spirit World !!!!<br />Oct, 26, 2010 11:03 a.m.

  13. On Oct 23 2010, the University of Delaware celebrated the space shuttle successes. This took place in smyrna Delaware, close to the penn border. The celebration included &quot; a 190-foot shuttle hot air balloon, rocket launching demonstrations, moon boots, ILC Dover&#39;s spacesuit, orbital hoops, a StarLab, nature walk, moon rocks and meteors, and NASA&#39;s Past, Present and Future 3-D and

  14. How come my funny comment regarding the man holding up a sign that says &quot;take her away&quot; was not included.<br />I wont bother in future.

  15. They, indeed, look like lanterns to me. If these were spacecraft, I&#39;d think they could turn their lights off an be a bit more discrete. Had they wanted to show their existence – I think they could do something just a bit more impressive than looking like a bunch of lanterns – psssh – please.

  16. everyone they are not lanterns! why dont you all do some research for a change! ufos and aliens do in fact exist! even former Presidents won&#39;t say that they don&#39;t exist. Astronaughts themselves claim to have seen ufos as well , and beleive me they are the ones we shouldn&#39;t be argueing with, I doubt they are liars! Government knows it as well, and for all you debunkers out there, it

  17. have to tell you i once let a group of balloons with flashing LED lights inside of them go from a party I once had and they had the SAME EXACT LOOK!!

  18. It can&#39;t be lanterns! Only ufos make light in the sky! They love just hovering around and making wackos get hard-ons! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  19. hey, you all know that new tv series called, &quot;The Event&quot;! I think that point to the show is the governments way of letting us know that aliens and ufos do in fact exist. But maybe the show is for those who really understand what it is about! If the government is going to disclose the ufos and aliens to the public don&#39;t you think they would start off kind of secretly, by the use of

  20. the great deception is coming with sighns and wonders the sliens are fallen angels recearch up and prepare the world we live in will soon be changed forever =/

  21. It is odd that the Keen Lake video and the Delaware boarder video have the same look in the sky but they are weeks apart. That makes you wonder if it is a formation of remote spy crafts or something else.

  22. Could not possibly be Chinese lanterns, but also not UFOS on the basis that there are a.) No Chinese people in Delaware and b.) Nothing ever happens in Delaware

  23. it would seem that the truth is not popular because it shakes us out of our comfort zone. know that what you are seeing is intelligent beings trying to gently make you aware of there existence.the same craft that have apperaed in NY,Tex,and countless other places. dont let the frightend folk with immediate explanations to make themselves comfortable tell you what you konw your looking at.your

  24. I think that con-trails are being made to cover up UFO activity or maybe… the government is trying to detect them. The reason night I was watching the jets flying during the night and as the moon was brilliantly shining, I noticed shining lights that seemed to be covered by the con-trails.These were very small tiny but still there hidden by being the same color of the sky or darkness

  25. I also think sky-fish the long rode looking fast moving objects being seen by digital cameras and sometimes with the eye are &quot;Drones&quot; being sent out by entities or UFOs sampling our atmosphere and watching or observing humans and animals. Maybe testing stuff through flying around scanning everything in it&#39;s path for what ever they scan for. They mimic Honey bee bird ,so next time

  26. will someone please tell me why the Government would want to cover up secrets of ufos and aliens! I mean, many of the other countries have released there files on ufos and aliens and the U.S. has not cause our government is STUBBORN!

  27. Were these lights moving with the wind? Has anyone worked that out? Because if they were not going with the low-level wind they were not lanterns! How easy it would have been to check this out.

  28. yes come to brkylyn n you can see them yourselfs i recorded two occations of them showing themselfs to me no use uploading it because to much ingnornats Fs who are in for a suprise soon …start loving yourselfs n love more the ppl you love..that will show them u mean well two the beings your already use to..oh yeah just lastnight i saw them ..non belivevers go hell…n those who are smart

  29. yes come to brkylyn n you can see them yourselfs i recorded two occations of them showing themselfs to me no use uploading it because to much ingnornats Fs who are in for a suprise soon …start loving yourselfs n love more the ppl you love..that will show them u mean well two the beings your already use to..oh yeah just lastnight i saw them ..non belivevers go hell…n those who are smart

  30. Exactly, Exactly what i saw, we sell those in Firework stands, they were moving with the direction of the wind, and they were distinguished over time. he was in zoom when they were large, but these emit light, makes them look much larger than what they are.

  31. The fact is these are all wind blown in the same direction and are Chinese lanterns. The odd movements described of some of these are due to the distance and heights of the lanterns making them appear to be moving down. It is rather that they are so far away that they are lower in the horizon and may just be descending as candles burn out and lose height. I suggest you all look at the UFO above

  32. I remember this night! Everyone was freaking out that they were UFO&#39;s, when they were lanterns from our local Halloween party. It&#39;s funny how such small things can get blown totally out of proportion!

  33. Definately lanterns do yall see the red ones falling down to earth white while going up and red when burning down. C&#39;mon use your brains people no eratic movements in the air a few small movements by small wind gusts thats all. I absolutely believe in alien life but not in this video. Dave Exeter, PA

  34. There here-er!! this is the first wave of move to come, something very big is about to happen, Guess what no one in the Government is saying anything. I guess if you want to think is something other then ufos go right on until the crap hit the fan

  35. many lights slowing moving at about the same speed and direction : doesn&#39;t this evoke chinese lanterns born by the wind ? If you do not see conflicting motions, please forget about UFOs !

  36. They were indeed Chinese lanterns. The one in PA keen lake… campers set those off twice in October. Thanks to the people who have some common sense and realized this as well.

  37. Will if you do your research you may know many things you didn&#39;t know, we&#39;re all gonna have to be excepted to the changes in 2012. <br />There is nothing to be scared of, we may lose half of the population or more but there will always be some human kind here on Earth, to grow once again although its (limited). Also this time we may have to live among some of those on planet Nibiru. Like

  38. My family and I live in Delaware, Ohio and around 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, 2011, we saw what looked like 8 to 10 flying saucers? They looked just like the above video on Oct. 23, 2010. It was the strangest thing we&#39;ve every seen! I&#39;m not sure what to click on for my profile, but you&#39;re welcome to contact us at [email protected].

  39. First off these are not chinease lanters I have seen chinease lanterns and as much as they do look like orb ufo&#39;s they do NOT have the ability to stop hover,go left bck right, and up n down.If you put the video on full screen you can clearly see alot of them are stoping and completely turning direction.They are all kinda going the same direction it seems but they all are doing different

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