UFO caught in photograph from Mar del Plata in Argentina 26-Feb-2010

Daytime UFO photos were taken in Mar del Plata in Argentino on 26th February 2010.
Witness report: This photo was taken on February 16, 2010, at the meeting of frigates in Mar del Plata, Argentina. When taking photos I saw nothing, but realized the white, unknown object as I was tranferring the photos to my computer.

I was with my wife at the time I took the photos, and neither of us saw anything ususual at the time.

Indeed, it was a very clear day and there were many people watching frigates, airplanes, and helicopters near the coast.

Photos were taken on a Friday around 15 hrs. The camera is a Fuji FinePix S3500.
Author: Maximo S.
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