UFO New York 2010: UFO sightings 2010 are not a new phenomenon

October 17, 2010 – UFO New York 2010: UFO sightings 2010 are not a new phenomenon. New York UFO sighting that in fact more of a rumor has been getting undue attention from many sections of the people. The question of unknown flying objects called UFC in general has always intrigued the people across the world.
And every time there is a report of such sightings, there is invariably a sort of euphoria surrounding the rumors.
People love gossiping about the unknown, imaginary things and nothing can be better than a flying machine, that must be from some unknown world, with aliens onboard.
This intrigue is mainly the reason for people’s interest in them and the reports with short intervals, help keep them relevant.
The recent reports of UFO in mainland China and Mongolia have added to speculations that there is really something or some aliens having an interest in our world and who are increasingly trying to know more about our world.
But the UFO sightings in the US are nothing new and there have been some serious studies on the presence of UFOs in the US or in its surrounding areas. First serious reports of UFO in the US appeared in 1947.
A report suggest that first preliminary study by U. S. Army Air Forces Intelligence of a dozen flying disc sightings concludes: “Something is really flying around”.

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