Video of black ring hovering in the daytime sky over Kosovo Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This unexplained UFO video of strange black ring hovering in the daytime sky over Kosovo was taken in early October 2010.

Witness report: This movie has been taken by me with a Sony Ericsson c902 phone and is not fake. I have made this record while i was fishing.
Author (theyll @ youtube)

TV report about similar phenomena in Kings Dominion, Virginia’s premier themed amusement Park in Richmond, 2009 and in Ft. Belvoire, West Virginia in 1957.

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  1. What a joke this is nothing more than a photo that has a ring drawn upon it and someone is then recording the photo using thier phone…! Not hard to spot a fake really is it…!

  2. I don&#39;t think the above comment is accurate; If you compare the shape of the ring at 0:06 with the shape at 0:41 you&#39;ll clearly see that that it is not a still picture.<br /><br />Now these have been seen for a long time have they not?<br /><br />I wish the uploader would have switched the camera to IR or UV

  3. Military explosions rise high into the sky and tend to look like it hangs there for a longtime, what is the possibility of this being an explosion of a bomb or something and this being the remnant of the upper rolling smoke debris? If you look closely and follow it downwards you see the trail.

  4. I have seen one of these. It was in 2000, I believe, could have been 1999. I was pulling out of my driveway stopped at a stop sign. Decided to open my sun roof and there it was. I stayed at the stop sign for quite a few minutes just trying to figure it out. While I was watching it there were three black helicopters that flew by. That could be a coincidence because I lived by a heliport/

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