Archeology Team Digs for UFO Evidence in New Mexico

November 6, 2010 – Every UFO true believer has their own theory about the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. This month an archeology team from the University of New Mexico is using modern technology to find solid evidence to prove what really happened.
“We engaged in a highly credible standard archeological investigation of a piece of landscape that has been warranted to be the location of a flying-saucer event,” said Dick Chapman, director of UNM’s Office of Contract Archeology.
Sponsored by the Sci-Fi Channel, his team has so far spent $26,000 digging up a nine acre area of ground northwest of Roswell. Their bid to investigate the alleged Roswell UFO crash is being filmed by Sci-Fi for an upcoming documentary.
“The summed evidence from the hearsay-level knowledge really points to this [nine-acre sector] as being a recognized potential crash site (of) a UFO,” he added.
Chapman’s team and their efforts were met with criticism from other academics in the area, but that hasn’t dimmed their enthusiasm for the project. This isn’t the first time that the University of New Mexico has searched the area for evidence. In 2002, the same area was studied, but the results weren’t released until May of this year. The logic was that if a craft did crash there in 1947, knowing where is critical because it would be worthless to dig around in the wrong location.
The current dig location was not chosen by Chapman’s team, but by two UFO technical advisors to Sci-Fi Channel, Don Schmitt and Tom Carey. It was explained that UNM’s archeologists found a “gouge in the prairie” and the disturbed ground gave them the idea to begin their search in that location.
The excavation lasted two weeks and the team collected several bags of dirt and alleged artifacts, which was recovered and will be sent off for laboratory anaysis.
The truth may be out there, but time will tell whether this latest endeavor will prove its existence once and for all.
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