Interesting new video of UFO activity filmed in Singapore 31-Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown lights were recorded hovering in the sky over western Singapore on Sunday, 31st October 2010 around 8:20 pm.
Witness report: Strange unidentified flying object/s (UFOs) seen in the western part of Singapore sky lastnight on 31.10.10 at about 8.20pm Singapore time. I took my Sony cam to capture this strange unidentified flying object or objects. It lasted for nearly about an hour plus. I believe it was a trirangular shape because there were lights at the end of the object which changed their colours from blue to red vise versa. What could it be actually? It could not be a planet or a satelite or airplanes or comets or meteorites. There must be an explanation to this and visible evidence proved its existence.
What that can be? UFOS?Fireballs?or the twinkel Stars? …..???
Author (durian74 @ youtube)

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  1. Yesterday night (10/31/10) I saw a "star" in the sky that was very bright compared to the other stars, as bright as the north star, and it changed colors red and blue just like these. Coincidence?

  2. Last night 9 march. At 10.27pm. I saw shooting star look a like. Very bright white colour. Very fast move behind the clouds. Est speed more 1200km/h.High from a ground est 1.5 to 2 km. The clouds very low after rainning that after noon. locations Bukit Batok towards western. Anyone saw?

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