New UFO footage from UFO TV Special, UK 30-Nov-2010

Do aliens exist? Are they visiting us here on Earth? Check out this mind-blowing UFO footage captured on handy cam in the UK. The footage will be broadcast live on television for the very first time as part of an intriguing new documentary called My Mum Talks to Aliens on SBS One tonight Tuesday, 30th November 2010 at 8.30pm. Tune in for this and more exclusive and compelling evidence of extraterrestrial life. SBS introduces you to people who have first hand abduction experiences and experts who have witnesses UFO laser communication from space. This documentary is a must-see for skeptics and believers alike . . .

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  1. These things do not come from the heavens. They come from within Earth. They have been here for so long now, and are projecting themselves openly to humans, pretending to make contact and as such to make humans believe they are friendly and want to help. In fact they want to clean that which their technology have been poluting for a long time already. Behold brothers and sister, for these things

  2. this sighting is very nice. It´s the first time that a i see a sighting like this. People who has filmed this video had luck to take this sequence of this footage. Congratulations.

  3. The diamond shape is caused by the diaphragm in the camera lens, especially when the image is out of focus. Apart from that it looks genuine.

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