UFO during South Korea attack 23-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire after the North shelled an island near their disputed sea border, killing at least two South Korean marines, setting dozens of buildings ablaze and sending civilians fleeing for shelter.

Here you can watch the video of unknown object which was recorded during this attack on Yeonpyeong island in South Korea on Tuesday, 23rd November 2010.

Breaking News: The UFOs South Korea Attack

“Pyramid” shaped UFO During S.Korea Attack
Has the BBC edited out the UFO from their News?

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  1. The artillery is real….but that smudge looking thing on the screen is no ET. Those poor S.Koreans are being bombed by the North and the UFO conspiracy community is already at it. Come on be serious if you gonna post something like this and put your name on it show something of value. I think there is some merit to UFO&#39;s but this video does not reflect this.<br /><br />Respectfully,<br />

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