UFO over Sweden caught on video Oct-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting high detail video was recorded in Sweden in October 2010.
Witness report: The place is in Skåne in Sweden between Helsingborg and Landskrona and the camera is pointing at the east direction.

Sorry I couldnt keep the camera steady, but the object was far away, and I was a little afraid to.

But I was happy that I recently bought a camera with 70x optical zooming so I could come close to the object.

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  1. this looks like a fake sorry !!! whats the dot below it ? is it on a thin wire and somone is moving it around and back n forth ?? thats what looks like to me !!maybe some coins or bottle cap upside down on a wire ??! looks like a total fake dont matter what language !!!

  2. does anyone REALLY believe this??????????????and don't these people(maybe children)know there are specific web sites for obvious hoaxes????????????????

  3. Translations of some of the things the people are saying in the video:<br /><br />&quot;It must be UFO:s.&quot;<br />&quot;Airplanes don&#39;t look like that.&quot;<br />&quot;I&#39;m shaking of fear.&quot;<br />&quot;Daddy there is something that doesn&#39;t move at all.&quot;<br />&quot;Daddy has super zoom.&quot;<br />&quot;I can&#39;t see it but I can see it in the camera.&quot;<br />&quot;..

  4. They dont say any of this stuff you wrote, they spoke arabic and then the chlidren spoke a dialkekt of Southern Sweden, where most of arabs lives and send the fake stories allt the time,,This is the third..One day they said its Allah ocg his prophet Mohammed sending them to get a sign.lol..Iam a shame being half arab :(..UFO is reel and they just ruin everything with their hookos pokos..hope they

  5. Anonymous, February 01, 2011.<br />They are NOT speaking arabic at all, they are speaking &quot;skånska&quot; which is a Swedish dialect. Also I am living 30 minutes away from this spot.<br />There are no arabs what so ever.<br />Also why would parents AND their young kids create a fake video?<br />If something is &quot;fake&quot; then they surely don&#39;t know about it, probably created by

  6. I believe they saw something strange. So I say the video is real. Yes I also speak the language and it&#39;s dad out with his video camera trying to tape something looking strange in the sky. Kids talking in the background.<br /><br />The only thing that annoys me to no end is the music, text and sometimes logos and animations that keep getting into these sort of videos. No music, no spinning

  7. I think this video is a Fake. Because the &quot;ufo&quot; seems to be metallic. I think this is a Solargarden Light powered with LED. This is a Fake video or some dude want to kidding the man that made the video. For exampel Take a black ballon put helium into the ballon and put a Led solar Gardenlight on a wire at the ballon. Then let it fly and i swear you get many ufo sightings.

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