UFO in Iraq filmed from Apache helicopter

I found this interesting UFO footage recorded in Iraq from Apache helicopter . Allegedly this happened right before the intervention of the army in this village. The exact date is unknown but I hope I’ll get more information soon – or if you have it, please leave a comment!

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  1. BS! Apache bombing a village?<br />1. We don&#39;t bomb villages, that was an attack<br />on a group of bad guys. NOT an entire village.<br />2. Apaches don&#39;t carry bombs. At least know what you&#39;re talking about when spewing your<br />commie proaganda.

  2. I like UFO sightings as much as the next guy. But what you have here is simple to explain. What you have there is Thermal imagery and that thing you see is a Hell fire missile or TOW…Please notice on the first loop of this video the ship shuttering from the release and then the heat plume appears. Next the missile comes in from above then out and down. The looping of the video along with maybe

  3. @Timothy: I already responded you on a mail I&#39;ll wrote the same here:<br /><br />&quot;I think you&#39;re missing the point here. There&#39;s nothing about attack on a whole village, nothing about WHO attacked WHOM, becouse like i wrote, i don&#39;t have any info, only that this was taken in Iraq from Apache helicopters. Where did you see the info that Apache helicopters attacked anything? It

  4. There&#39;s no reason for anyone to create such horrific footage,only to insert an object assumed to be a ufo. Don&#39;t think any military pilot would stoop that low and show such disregard to human life for simple recognition. Being that Im in the military, I can assure you that a sighting would be considered a need to know basis. We wouldn&#39;t be informed of any such sightings, unless you

  5. Admin- <br />maybe you should put a period in the head line like this..<br /><br /><br />&quot;UFO filmed from apachy helicopter. Before the village was bombed&quot; ??????????<br /><br />just saying… i love this site. ( period )

  6. HELICOPTER in training. object is identified by the viewers,question is does object try to intercept or aid aim of target. have you read the testimonies of the military many reports in world news in october 2010,even on youtube.

  7. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this photo. The web is full Thermal video just like this. Being that you are looking at heat signatures &quot;Hot Spots&quot; there is distortion. And like I said this is just a Gunship taking out some bad guys. There is no UFO in this video.<br /><br /> &quot;Peace is that brief, glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading!&quot;<br /

  8. Doesn&#39;t matter that there is no UFO in the video. That was awesome! Bad guys gone and only a little scorching to a couple of buildings and a hole in the road.<br /><br />@Admin You asked, &quot;Where did you see the info that Apache helicopters attacked anything?&quot; Ummm it&#39;s in the title of the video pasted all over the internet where finer RSS feeds are found. &quot;UFO filmed in

  9. Well, I wrote before bombing a village, becouse that&#39;s the info i got but i didn&#39;t say it was bombarded by Apache neither it was the whole village.<br /><br />I guess I made a mistake and choose the wrong missleading title, I will correct it right now!<br /><br />And I&#39;m sorry if I insulted someone, that wasn&#39;t my intention.<br /><br />p.s. – and I&#39;m sorry for being a commie

  10. Admin.<br />Please forgive my &quot;VENUS&quot; joke.<br />I know that this was a heat trail from a hellfire, its painfully obvious.<br />However I will not tolerate you or your magnificently forward thinking site to be berated by ignorant inbreds.<br />You are seeking the truth and the truth is not always what it seems.<br />Yes Im sick of chinese lanterns being posted every other day!<br />Yes

  11. Admin I&#39;m on your side, just remove this video as it does not relate to the UFO subject at all. This should be posted on say a Military like website for viewing. You won&#39;t hurt my feelings. I&#39;m tired of seeing the cry babies out there that obviously cannot place this video in the correct context of what this site is all about. PS you need not apologize for an honest mistake. <br />Yes

  12. This wasn&#39;t a UFO. It was a hellfire missile. Note the heat-blur and subsequent camera interference at 0:22-0:26 during the launch of the missile. This is from a thermal camera, heat sources are lit up like a Christmas tree and that missile is the &quot;UFO&quot;. You wouldn&#39;t see a smoke trail either because it&#39;s not hot enough to register. This is misconstrued declassified video

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