UFO Sightings Rise During October

Last month, people in four U.S. states witnessed multiple UFOs flying high over their cities. Residents in Manhattan, El Paso, Richmond and Illinois all reported incidents within days of each other.
The rash of sightings began Oct. 13 with pedestrian in Manhattan reporting sightings of “silvery objects” floating in the sky over their streets. Federal Aviation Administration officials scoffed at the sightings and suggested the objects were merely a cluster of silver balloons that had escaped from a nearby schoolhouse.
The very next day, another UFO was sighted over El Paso when residents reported “shimmering lights in the sky.” Others said that the lights divided into three orbs and traveled in separate directions before disappearing. The sightings were later confirmed by a Defense Department official who attributed the incident to military skydivers wearing magnesium patches who were in the general area when the sightings occurred.
Sightings continued over the weekend in Richmond with residents sighting a group of three white lights in the form of a triangle hovering over the city. Several citizens saw similar groupings of white lights flying above the city for several hours on both Saturday and Sunday.
Finally, on Oct. 27 Illinois residents also spotted a mysterious white object flying high above a cornfield. It was reported to be shaped like “a cylindrical piece of white paper with one spot of color in the center.” The object was said to hover over the field, then take off like a rocket into the sky and disappear. No explanations were offered in this incident.
Officials haven’t speculated on why there have been so many similar UFO sightings in such a short span of days. Similar sightings were also observed in other parts of the world, with airports in China closing down due to a noted UFO incident.

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  1. Im tellin you all – UFOS AND ALIENs DO IN Fact exist! JUST AS STEPHEN HAWKINGS SAID, DISCLOSURE BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS CLOSER THAN WE THINK. There have been way to many reported sightings over the few years, and this year seems to have gotten the most! Government does not denie that they don't exist! They know the truth. This disclosure has got to end NOW!!

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