UFOs in the sky over Tucson, Arizona 20-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown bright lights / objects were recorded hovering in the sky over Tucson in Arizona near Davis Monthan Air Force Base on Saturday, 20th November 2010.

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  1. I Saw it too. I was just about a mile south from where this video was taken. I watched 17 solid orange lights move across the sky from southwest to northeast at a high rate of speed. All of the lights were flying in the same path and there was absolutely no sound. Also, another weird thing to note was that there wasnt any other air traffic in the sky when this happened. I took video of it too,

  2. i seen this too but, i was at broadway and swan about 4 miles north west of the video. I agree it was strange that the area they were in was near the Davis Monthon Air Force Base. If you look closer you can see that there were white blinking lights chasing the orange colored ones. I don't know what to say about it exept that in her video if you look closer in hd you can see the Orange object

  3. I was looking at that interesting black vehicle in the early part of the film. Is it just me or is this clearly a government car observing?

  4. I saw a ufo crash into the side of Tucon Mountains. It was Sept 11 2009. lots of white vehicles went to the scene. I saw some larger vehicles also. They were diverting trafic on gates pass near the site. A second ufo stayed high above the site into the morning. It was like a giant flash light turning on and off. It looked like it would disappear into space and come back. I feel like it knows that

  5. I called a ufo siting place in washington st. The guy told me to get a shrink. Why does he work there if he acts that way towards callers.

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