Interesting video of daytime cigar-shaped UFO filmed in Torreorgaz, Spain 16-Sep-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting daytime footage of fast cigar-shaped UFO flying at low altitude over Torreorgaz, a municipality located in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain on 16th September 2010. Camera: Casio EX-FH20.

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  1. cool footage of some lightning….and maybe a large bug close to the lens while the film is slowed down…check out the one sheep in the back ground he makes a single step and moves one whole body length….and the lightning hangs out there longer than normal…I have created footage of objects that look just like this one in real time of insects near the camera out of focus and the camera has no

  2. Fake, the video was edited, look at the sheep, in moments the sheep appears centimeters to the right, that means the video was edited, and if it was edited in any way it has 99,9% to be fake.

  3. According to the movement of the sheep in the background (looks like a camera that takes 2 pictures every second) an the smooth movement of the flying object) this can't be real. The lightning looks nice, but the last flash stay too long.

  4. It's strange though, anonymous, because for as much as I would like to accept that it's a fake, I recently made a picture in Curacao and accidentaly picked up the same immage. The same cylinder/ cigar shaped object. Very strange, and mine was no bug, since I made three pictures in a row. The first one, you could clearly see it, the second one you could not, and in the third one you could

  5. And yes, indeed look at the sheep. It moves, eats and walks. And if you look good, you can see that the leaping of the sheep only took place after the UFO passed by and dissapeared in the background, so I don't understand your point. Look at the sheep's head and his rear legs. It behaved normally. And after the UFO was gone already, it moved forward.

  6. You should expand the video and watch it full screen. You can study di movement of the sheep better. And by the way, No bug can fly that straight and that fast, unless it had supersonic wings………..

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