UFOTV: Touched – ET Encounters – featuring Dr. John Mack, MD

UFOTV Presents: Touched – ET Encounters – featuring Dr. John Mack, MD
“Touched offers a uniquely contemplative perspective on the alien abduction phenomenon and presents the ‘experiencers’ and their stories with sensitivity and without judgment.” – Boston’s Weekly Dig
When Harvard psychiatrist John Mack approached filmmaker Laurel Chiten (Twist & Shout, The Jew in the Lotus, Twisted) asking her to make a movie about encounters with aliens, she thought he was crazy. But after meeting some of the so-called “experiencers” she was intruiged; they seemed rather normal and spoke about feelings of connection and longing for these uninvited intruders to return.
She had stumbled into a world filled by people who had been touched by something … and had their lives blown apart becuase of it.
“I realized I could not figure out the origin of these bizarre stories, nor could I prove or disprove the existence of alien. Instead, I wanted to explore the human drama: who are these people, what has happened to them, and why does this distinguished Harvard professor believe them?”

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  1. I would like to think that UFOS/Ets are here for friendly contact.<br />So why are they abducting people.<br />apparently missing people reports say up to four million are missing across the planet.some may be living homeless in our city&#39;s some may have been murdered but think how many may have been taken.it seems government has no idea or knows to much to stop it happening.just a idea ,if

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