Video of UFO activity in the sky over Rio Rico in Arizona 17-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of UFo acitivty recorded North-East of Rio Rico in Arizona on Wednesday, 17th November 2010.
Witness report: This was a sighting multiple people from my school and also from my neighborhood. It was around 4:25-5:47 when I stared to recor the object. I noticed it when i was getting out of school on the bus at 2:30 and from there it didn’t move an inch. I thought of the possibilities of a blimb but i contacted the nogales airport which should have been right under the object and they said they had no information on it and when the man i was talking to saw the object he said, “oh my God” At the end of the video as a rather strange object that looked as if it was a plane but it’s lights changed colors from a soft whitish yellow color then changed to a bright blue/purplish light. There are what appear to be cheme trails but in an order of 3 in a formation of a triangle there were two little ones and one big one. So please tell me what you think. Ty.
Author (linkofthedark111 @ youtube)

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