New video of UFO activity over Houston, Texas 13-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of strange UFO activity filmed in the night sky over Houston, Texas. This was taken on Monday, 13th December 2010.
Witness report: I looked out my window and saw a triangle in the sky with bright lights at every corner. It gets to a point where you can’t even count how many things are in the sky… I think the last half is the most interesting part, though. If you don’t want to watch all 8 minutes, at least watch the last few minutes.
Author (Jiov @ youtube)

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  1. Man, I am getting REAL tired of watching videos of airplanes coming in to land. I'm not trying to single you out,these videos are everywhere. You have a great camera, so everyone can clearly see the bright landing lights in the center, the red navigation lights on the left wings, and the green navigation lights on the right wings. When an airplane is on initial approach to an airport, they

  2. I think the beginning footage reveals something triangular changing position, but towards the end they are conventional aircraft anti- collision lights oriented red on the left and green on the right wing.

  3. The lights are pretty real no noisy (very Bight Orange lights) it looks like angels lights but is not is a( UFO ) and I saw them 9 month ago at 1:00pm on Sunday 7 of March 2010 but unfortunately couldn&#39;t catch on video camera because wasn&#39;t fully charging and wasn&#39;t working because of old age…Lol.. but now got new one.<br />I am keeping my Eyes peel all the time but sometimes is

  4. There soon will be lights none will want to explain. These little sightings will soon turn to more substantial events like it or not. The governments know nothing, so they say nothing.

  5. Left wing is red (port) and right wing is green (starboard). I definetly believe that UFO&#39;s exist…but this is obviously an airplane.

  6. Around this same time, my grandson, his grandmother grandfather, aunt, his mom &amp; dad saw same lights over Corpus Christi, TX as well. There were four passing by then two larger ones came in very slowly. They got a very close view of this but their phone pics weren&#39;t very good quality. We checked this site looking for something similar and this seems to be the most similar to what they

  7. i must say this in regard to landing lights…i saw a total circular saucer, no more than 50ft away and off the ground…i have written my report on archive 1970 yuma arizona, but until it approached close enough it passed for a plane, it had one red, two white, and one greenish blue a row.<br /><br />it looked like a row but that was a perspective mistake…so don&#39;

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