UFO video: 2 bright objects flying over Lancashire in UK 6-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Two bright objects were seen and recorded hovering over Winter Hill, Lancashire, UK on 6th November 2010 around 6:40.
Witness report: Was on my way up to Carlisle on the M6 just nr Charnock Richard services at around 06:40 when i noticed two very bright golden flashing lights to my right just over Winter Hill. I carried on driving for about half a mile glancing across to look when i could & they were still there so i decided to pull over just before the services & capture what i could. Apologies for the shake but the trucks rumbling past on the inside lane were causing constant vibrations so it was a bit tricky. Managed to stay for a couple of minutes before i had to move off but they were getting dimmer the longer i recorded anyway…looked ace though, shimmered all different colours & to begin with were extremely bright.
Author (DuffMan790 @youtube)

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