UFO video: Unknown daytime object flying over Australia 7-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Daytime UFO was recorded flying across the sky over Australia on Tuesday, 7th December 2010.

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  1. Hey,thanks you for the video it is great also wanna thank you for sending ur videos to my E-mail address oh well you know me I have comment on ur videos already!<br /> do you know (Wanda123ification)?<br />Oh well I am pleased that we believe in phenomenal!<br /> thank you for posting your videos ur amazing!

  2. Cool looking video….not sure about the authenticity of it though. Near the end of the video pay special attention to the pixels as they change from the background pixels and are not the same. Looks like some Adobe Premier work to me. Sorry…not trying to offend anyone. Just giving my two cents. If you post it be prepared for constructive criticism. <br /><br />Best Regards,<br />From Texas

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