UFOs in “V” formaton over Los Angeles, California 6-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This video of bright objects in V-formation were recorded via webcam over Los Angeles, California. This was taken on Monday, 6th December 2010 at 7:50 pm.


Author’s report:

Date of sighting: December 6, 2010 20:44:00

Location of sighting: Los Angeles, California
I was watching the live cam that was looking in opposite direction from LAX airport and I noticed these hovering glowing orbs over a freeway in LA. The first time I saw the cam it looked like a row of glowing orbs on a long wing, much like the famous Phoenix Lights UFO back in Arizona in 1996 which was seen by thousands of people.
After seeing this unusual craft, I scwbooks got onto Twitter and posted the info so others could confirm my sighting live. Several others did saying that they saw the UFOs on the live cam. I also posted it on Facebook while it was happening. I did this because confirmation of a sighting is most important. I also immediacy emailed UFO-Blogger.com for confirmation.
This is happing right over a LA freeway!! Now I don’t know if drivers could see this because this is a night cam, which can see beyond the spectrum of the human eye, but I sure hope someone else out there is recording it besides me!
I reported on a similar UFO sighting last month on the same cam and this is the exact same craft as before, but this time it is much closer that last time. Whatever it is, it is amazing.
Please check out this cam from time to time, since this is the second sighting of this UFO, but just in a slightly different and closer location this time.
Cam at: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/feature?section=weather/photos&id=5790342
Written by and sighting by Scott C. Waring, UFO researcher.
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  2. I wonder, what are they doing each time they sit above us like that?….It is happening everywhere, same formation. I witnessed similar events in 2000 and the fallowing year same month(September), same location! Sightings seem to be more and more noticeable….as if, on purpose. We are in the age of technology, so everyone has a recording devise on hand capturing these sightings. Are they

  3. That would be LAX landing path of several planes coming in to land there. You people need to realize airliner lights are super bright so you can see them for miles on end. I can see the obvious approach path over and over in these clips. It&#39;s the angle of the camera that makes it look like it&#39;s &quot;something else&quot;. Get bent.

  4. I think those are planes waiting in line to land at LAX. I see it all the time from Marina Del Rey and the camera has a strange vantage point so it looks like they&#39;re in a triangle formation.

  5. these are reflections of the trafic lights and perhaps some plane lights. The vehicle lights are reflecting within the lens elementes and taking the same line as the roads below. The bend in the road is causing the V shape. the movements are in time to the automobiles movements too. And I am a believer my father saw a cigar shaped object, but hey lets not be too jumpy, hey…

  6. Nothing unusual in the video. I&#39;ve seen similar formations on multiple occasions over the LA Basin. 100% of the time they were military helicopters flying in formation.

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