New Years Eve 2011 UFO sighting video taken in Cardiff, UK

New Years Eve 2011 UFO sighting video of triangle formation hovering in the sky over Cardiff, UK.

Witness report: The three ‘lights’ in the video were first noticed in the nights sky above Cardiff because there were no stars visible that night and they were aligned . They also were not moving. The viewer then watched on as they moved into a triangular formation and moved across the sky , capturing some of it on camera untill they move out of sight. The filmer reported that they had no blinking lights (although they appear to blink in this footage as the camera goes in and out of focus), were not using search lights and moved very slowly, maintaining the same speed.
Author (CatsGetCurious @ youtube)

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  1. Holy crap! Same thing I saw in Charlotte north Carolina new years eve. I saw 4 lights however. Glad I have found others who saw something similar! The coolest part is that it's sightings all over the world, not just localized. Unreal!

  2. I saw the same thing tonight (new years eve 2012) in Stockholm Sweden… There where a bunch of them, like 20 or so! Scared the crap out of me!

  3. I thought I was looking at a sat then there were 13 more objects that flew over Charlotte nc from 7:10 pm till 7:17 pm Dec 31st 2011. Any one have any info? These looked redish and at one point one of the objects looked as if it were flying around another, crazy. My camera could'n zoom in far enough to get a good shot.

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