New Years Eve 2011 UFO video taken in Fresno, California

Another UFO video recorded on New Years Eve 2011, this one of red pulsating craft was taken in Fresno, California at 9:20 pm.

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  1. Not much to say that hasen't been stated millions of times already… i suppose its only a matter of time that we learn what we deserve to know.

  2. Saw something very similar over Melbourne Australia at about 20min after midnight. That&#39;s why I googled this. With half the city out watching fireworks it had to be seen by thousands. This video looks like 2 lights, what we saw was a single red pulsating glow, quite bright and moving slowly across the sky. It slowed and sped up. Meandering. Very strange. <br />Happy to report no anal probing.

  3. This same light was over Dandridge TN at 1 am on New Years Day 2011…White and red light….one minute it went left and stopped, and then right and stopped…then up and around at high rate of speed and then stop. No other aircraft of USA can fly at high speed and stop in a second. Very beautiful, we talked to it. Wonder if they like being over water or lakes… What is with water they like

  4. A large group of us saw something VERY similar New Years Eve 2011 around 2-3 am in Tucson. This thing hovered for a bit, seemed to have a red/orange pulsating glow and made no noise, then zoomed off. I only wish I had taken video!!

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