UFO: Clear footage of triangle-shaped UFO from Venezuela Jan-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This clear UFO video of triangle-shaped UFO (TR-3B?) was recorded recently in early January 2011 in the sky  over Venezuela.

This craft is very similar to one recorded during Belgian UFO wave 1989/90 (on photo below)

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  1. Es difícil dar una opinión sobre este video. Este avistaje se parece más a un jet de combate de US AIR Force que a un ovni. It is hard to give an opinion about this video. This sighting looks like a new combat jet of US Air Force than a ufo.

  2. This is not an ET spacecraft, instead it is an experimental terrestrial aircraft.<br /><br />ET spacecraft are not triangular, they don&#39;t need tobe, however if you look at our aircraft, you can draw a triangle around them.

  3. I attend to agree with the other comments posted. It looks more like a government aircraft. And if clandestine &quot;What&#39;s up with the strobe light?&quot; that would be really odd for a secret craft to be running a strobe. In any case a cool video if real. Better than most of the video garbage posted. But in the end something about this video smells like a fish!<br /><br />Best Regards<br />

  4. the reason i feel its fake is because this person supposedly was just out paning around their back yard, and then a space craft flys over severl feet from their house, it was as if this person was expecting it, wich says to me that the aircraft was a very well crafted CG craft. Nice job though on the effort, how ever it is to bad people like you are the reason why this phenomenon is not taken

  5. I can&#39;t say if its fake or not. But the reason I hear on here that its fake is stupid. If you&#39;re going to say its fake atleast have some other proof… Other then if he just happen to be in his back yard..it&#39;s fake….lol

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