UFO sightings 2011: UFO flying across the sky in Melbourne, Australia 8-Jan-2011

Latest UFO sightings 2011 – This video of big object flying across the sky over Melbourne, Australia was recorded on Saturday, 8th January 2011 at 4:46 am.
Witness report: These are not satellites or the ISS you can see the size of the thing and a satellite passes underneath @ 13 secs this object and you can see the difference between a satellite which is tiny compared to this UFO.I have another video shot 9mins after this one and it’s even bigger than this one, so unless theres TWO ISS flying around which there is not (so debunkers you can rule out your theories it’s the ISS) this OBJECT/UFO is almost the same as the one i filmed in October last year.YES I HAVE MORE FOOTAGE OF THE SECOND UFO JUST AS BIG, I MIGHT POST #2 LATER JUST TO PROVE THEY ARE NOT SATELLITES OR THE ISS.
Author (UFOVaultHD @ youtube)

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  1. First I'm no debunker just a regular guy like you. I'm no expert. I see with both eyes just like you. And I hold no special place in this world. But I do know a little about lenses. And that little dot is just a form of lens aberration. Lenses for the most part are crafted for the use they are intended for. Night,Day,Stars,Mountains,etc.Starlight Night have about a zero focus factor and

  2. usahostingfactory <br />No mention is made of the small point of light which is obviously a lens aberration!<br />So why do you take up half a page talking about it?<br />Lets concentrate on the actual ufo (the large orb)<br />What do you think THAT is?

  3. Large orb is just a satellite. There was no straying from it&#39;s course, which was a straight line. Talk to us when it starts making turns, or completely stops in it&#39;s tracks. There are a million of these things out there– and most of them are terrestrial.<br /><br />Oh, and btw, to the guy who writes long diatribes, that is just a lens aberration. And the filmer of this video seems to

  4. Because he is using a laser pen to point at the two different lights that&#39;s why I brought up the second smaller light. And yes, he said he could see it with his own eyes. So what….You can still see that it&#39;s a highly distorted object. It&#39;s hard to tell what it is. Maybe it&#39;s a garbage bag in space who knows. I&#39;m not saying there is nothing there. I&#39;m just pointing out

  5. I think its just a bog standard sat.<br />As mentioned it needs to start doing some crazy shit to qualify for real UFO status around these parts.

  6. to usahostingfactory<br /><br />Maybe you are right but… the guy above made a good point. You presented a theory which implied that the distorted object was a product of a lens aberration when in fact the same distorted object could also be seen by that person with his own eyes. Anyway I incline to believe this was a satellite.

  7. Thanks for the good discussion. I must be missing the point that he saw it with his own eyes. &quot;where does he say that at?&quot; I only have a paragraph to reference from just above the video&quot; and in reading it I don&#39;t see that statement.In any case no big deal. I digress. I was just trying to point out an obvious deficiency in using Starlight Scopes to try to prove that what we are

  8. I saw something like that on the 5th Feb 2011 in Sydney. I was looking up at the stars (about 11ish)… then all of a sudden, a light appeared out of nowhere(almost like a star – but a little bit bigger – like a orb) then took off extremely fast!! faster then a plane!! kinda freaked me out!!

  9. Hate to break it to ya it&#39;s defo a Satellite!<br /><br />But I&#39;ve seen the real thing and like the others<br />said it doesn&#39;t follow a straight path sometimes curving in both directions or stopping and following a new path. Some red objects do this and some white objects do this I&#39;ve seen it with my own eye&#39;s.<br />Now all we need is some blue lights to light up the sky. lol<

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