UFO was seen and recorded over Victoria, B.C., Canada 22-Jan-2011

Latest UFO sightings 2011 – UFO video of big unknown bright object flying at low speed was recorded in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This was taken on Saturday, 22nd January 2011.

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  1. Sorry to burst everyone&#39;s bubble, but this was a Search and Rescue operation to pick up to stranded hikers on a local mountain. The lights you see being dropped are SAR flares that burn for a number of minutes to help guide the hikers out and to assist in the grid search of the local mountain (Mt. Prevost). <br />The Hikers were picked up a few hours later, none the worse for wear by the way.

  2. ha what? Light a flare in your living room right now. I dare you. Yeah, you won&#39;t because it will fill up with smoke. They are not the flares you set off from your boat. They are military flares that have parachutes on them, hence why they hang longer.<br /><br />But if you don&#39;t believe me, yeah they are space ships. Really slow space ships and they are out of lube.

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