Daytime UFO footage filmed in Mendocino, California 12-Feb-2011

Recent UFO sightings 2011 – Another UFO video which was recently recorded in California, this one in Mendocino on Saturday, 12th February 2011.
Witness report: Filmed in the early morning on Feb 12th 2011 near Mendocino california. Thought it was an airplane at first, but now I have no clue. UFO?
Author (PartyBeforeWeAllDie @ youtube)
Original footage


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  1. This appears to be excellent footage of a geo-plasma discharge. The researchers working on the Brown Mountain lights would probably be very interested in this video.

  2. Well that i must say does look very interesting. I would of first said it looked like lightening inbetween clouds, but there doesn&#39;t seem to look like any cloud about.<br />So I would like to hear from others too about this one <br />Very interesting.

  3. CANWE TALKTO EACHOTHER? UFO&#39;s DOexist,HUMANsKNOWnET ismonitored/EL Paso County wonders of horses / cattle newssites. Canwedo anything Humanneeds, whatbest ?thinking anyone?

  4. That&#39;s for real UFOs. I&#39;ve seen my self similar to that 15 years ago in Sydney. There are fakes , there are real . It is always to the first hand witnesses facts, not the second hands.We don&#39;t need approval from others. They are there..UFO are real, either they are one of ours or space brothers.

  5. main light is a CRaft, acting as a BaseHub FORdata CapTUrING DroGS returNING AndOr Arriving thus MATTErilizing in this diMENsion prior to departure through PortWormHole Most action is at this stage is always visible

  6. You can&#39;t judge anything from this video. Too far away. These lights could be jets converging at one location and flying off out of sight. There is nothing that can be determined from this video.<br /><br />DETERMINATION: NOTHING TO DETERMINE WITH INFO PROVIDED

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