UFO fleet recorded in the sky over France 14-Jan-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This video of multiple unknown lights flying across the sky over France was recorded on 14th January 2011.

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  1. Two years ago a group of us sent out about 20 chinese lanterns on a flat calm Suffolk evening. They necessarily went out in a long string and as they were caught by the wind they set off all in the same inexorable direction. Next day there were unconfirmed reports of UFOs reported in Suffolk. We must beware of hysteria and be always cynical.

  2. People please listen just because you see dots moving in the sky DOES NOT I repeat myself DOES NOT mean it&#39;s an Alien spaceship, it is technically a UFO but to those who think they&#39;re alien spaceships please think dont just automatically say aliens.<br /><br />Feel free to disagree.<br /><br />P.S this site needs to look over these videos before accepting them I mean come on, I can see a

  3. La persona que dice que estos objectos son linternas chinas está mal informado. Estos son OVNIS REALES. Aquí en Argentina se ven estos tipos de naves, pongan atención en este detalle, miren estos objectos que tienen en sus bordes una linea oscura, esto es clásico y además van moviéndose en su interior con pulsaciones como si fuera los latidos del corazón. The person who says these are chinese

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